The Transmission Model is a blog for communications professionals who are new to the field and working life. It was conceived as part of a class project for MacEwan University’s Professional Communications Program. This blog is maintained by Brittany, Charlotte, Jill and Shereen.

Brittany Nugent is is a fashion and beauty encyclopedia disguised as a writer and communications enthusiast. Her experience behind the salon chair has put her in touch with Edmonton’s most fashion forward and given her a discerning eye for great hair. When she’s not making marketing magic for local brands, you can find Brittany enjoying Edmonton’s local food scene and exploring city events. Find Brittany on Twitter at @mdrngirl.

Charlotte Nesbitt is in her last semester at MacEwan University and currently works as a consultant with Tantus Solutions Group. She’s a writer who is obsessed with all things on the web. Charlotte is deeply interested in what makes other people tick. She will be joining Facebook’s Content Strategy team in August 2015. You can find her on Twitter at @cmnesbitt.

Jill Cabrera is a writer by passion and an editor by discipline. Currently, she is working as a Social Media and Promotions Intern for Five Rivers Publishing and as Administrative Assistant for Students’ Association of MacEwan University. She also is a student of Communication Studies at MacEwan on her free time. When not reading for school or for work, she reads for leisure. She grew up reading fantasy and believing she can be anything she wants to be. After realizing anything didn’t include being a dragon, she decided aiming to become a novelist may be just as fantastic. She has a twitter that she doesn’t use because she’s afraid to spam the world about KPop. Find her as @jill_cabrera.

Shereen Zink is a budding communications professional with a penchant for arts and culture, food, politics, and living local. She has been the voice behind the social media feeds of a handful of local events and organizations, and she is currently handling various media and communications tasks for Taste of Edmonton, the Canadian Food Championships, and Senator Doug Black. She has dabbled in a broad range of hobbies, from crocheting to hula hooping to yoga to burlesque. She has mastered none of these things. Find her on Twitter at @shereenzink.


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